Technology for Nano-particle Detection and Identification

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Research related to extracellular vesicles (EVs) is of increasing importance; however, the tools to enumerate, quantify and interrogate these tantalizing small particles has not met the challenge. In the field of drugs of abuse, there is clear and convincing evidence that EVs play a significant role, and it is known certain drugs such as cocaine induce a release of EVs. There are now numerous studies showing that EVs are involved in communication between neuronal cells. EVs are implicated in drug transport across the blood-brain barrier possibly impacting a variety of signaling mechanism. The most common thread in the EVs literature reflects fundamental problems: EVs are hard to isolate, difficult to identify, challenging to quantitate, and extracting functional features is time consuming and costly. Even a basic analysis to determine the mere presence of EVs in plasma, CSF, or cell culture media requires a significant amount of time and expensive equipment. The subsequent evaluation of the EVs’ phenotype is even more difficult.  EVs are ranging from 10 to 150 nm – far below the diffraction limit of traditional optical systems and therefore too small to resolve without the aid of electron microscopy.  MY-blu is a technology that can examine a sample from a patient and within a few minutes determine (1) presence of EVs, (2) the distribution of the EVs’ sizes (3) and EVs’ origin/phenotypes, providing a great benefit to the researcher answering a vast unmet need in the field. No current methods can evaluate a single EV particle with certainty, simultaneously measure attached fluorescence tags, and provide an absolute quantitation of EVs population in ~30 minutes.  MY-blu is a unique solution.

Example of a modified Blu-ray disc designed with microfluidic channels for reading micro particles. A unique 100 microns think cover creates the tiny channels needed for measuring particles from 10 to 150 nm

An example of the type of measurement technology developed to measure nanometer sized particles. These unique measurement parameters are only available using technology embedded within the Blu-ray read head and readable using our board-level hardware and software.

Examples of the readout of nanoparticles. Shown are gold 50 nm particles in MY-blu discs – with single particle signatures shown on the left (bottom) and on the right the 250 nm grating demonstrates how the particles can be located accurately. The blue dot represents the size of the 405 nm laser used to measure particles using a special high frequency-push pull combination technology.