Cytomics Analytical software engineers are highly experienced in system development. We have experience in both core software design, as well as full system integration. Quality instrument software must be robust, effective and successful in delivering an entire solution to the user. The user interface must be intuitive, the solution must be appropriate and the results must be accurate.

Our team has developed a number of highly effective solutions in the scientific domain. These include:

  • Interactive modules operating across multiple networks
  • Single focused packages under user-controlled environments
  • Complex solution oriented packages such as spectral deconvolution
  • Utilities that integrate data sets from instruments from different manufacturers
  • Instrument control platforms operating multi-parameter devices
  • Networked control devices
  • Automation integration requiring real time processing
  • Multiparameter analytical packages
  • Image processing applications
  • Applications requiring advanced classification toolsets such as SVM and others
  • Camera control software for biomedical based instruments

Our team can provide rapid turnaround solutions at reasonable cost and is responsive to update requests, modifications and urgent solutions.